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right oh.

I just joined this community mostly because Henry Clay is the absolute best. My love for Henry stretches so far that I bought a hot pink tee shirt, put jersey style letters reading HENRY CLAY on the back and on the front "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride".

Other political favorites would be Grover Cleveland, Lyndon B Johnson, Jefferson, John C Calhoun, [little] "Stevie" Douglas, and any Roosevelts.

Also, I'm a huge fan of the musical Assassins and ergo the stories surrounding the assassins, would-be assassins, the assinated, and the would-be assassinated.

By the bye, my name's Cass. and I am syked about this community. That's right, syked.
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haha, There is a musical about assassins?? I had never heard of this. Sounds interesting!
yeah. It's a Sondheim show. I saw it this summer at the second to last performance. Sondheim shows don't always have the longest runs...particularly ones that the public might find, shall we say, upsetting. But it did win 5 Tonies this year, including best musical revival. Here's a website, if youre interested: assassins
OMG, it is so great to meet someone who is crazy in love with Henry too! Although, I admit, I have never made a tee-shirt. It's a really good idea though... I'm jealous, LOL. If I were to show up wearing one some day, I doubt anyone would be surprised...

anyway, welcome :)