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hey there!


I'm Lee, i'm a 20 almost 21 year old lady living outside of Philly PA. I am fascinated with the Watergate scandal, just started getting into it after watching "All the President's Men"...I'm a die-hard flaming liberal as my mother (a moderate to conservative atheist Democrat, what a mix)would say.

And without further ado...the Top Ten...

5 Most Hated:
1. George W. "Shrub" Bush our Prez...duh...
2. Ronald Reagan (Goddess bless his soul), former President (current corpse)
3. Dick "Weenie" Cheney our VP
4. John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
5. Arnold "Governator" Schwarzeneggar (sp?), Gov. of CA

5 Coolest!:
1.Hillary Clinton...she's a tough (liberal!) bird! ("Bird" is Brit lingo for "chick" or "girl")
2. Bill Clinton (although he couldn't keep his thing in his pants, he was a big supporter of women's, civil and gay rights, which i advocate FIERCELY!!!!)
3. believe it or not...Arlen Specter, Republican senator from PA (MY state)(For the record, once and for all, he supports stem cell research!!! wOoT!)(Moderate. He's not a fundie Christian either. Thank Goddess.)
4. FDR--without him we'd never have been born. Either that, or we'd all be under the Nazi's thumb.
5. Howard Dean, cos anyone who advocates gay marriage rocks in MY book. (Just so you know...i'm bi.)

Thank you for the warm welcome (ahead of time).

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