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Hello.....? Any James Traficant Fans Here?

Howdy.   I'm a Traffer.  I got this way from being a C-SPAN junkie and watching the House Committee hearings. I came to believe former Congressman James Traficant is the gen-u-ine article.  The real McCoy, if you will.  I came to understand his passion for the people and his outrageous, zany sense of humor.   Even though I'm not a member of his party (or that other, ahem party, if the truth be known),  I was captured by Congressman Traficant's enthusiasm and drawn-in to hear what he had to say.  And say a lot,  he did :)  Now, I came upon your Good Old Boys Community and thought, hmmm.., this could be interesting, fun, and oh heck, informative, even for an old coot like me.   Now, let me be clear from the outset that I believe Mr. Traficant was railroaded into the poky because he was rocking the boat, calling on reforming the Dept. of Justice and the IRS in favor of We the People, and he also stood up to former AG Janet Reno's shenanigans.  I know the going impression is that Congressman Traficant is guilty as charged, but it ain't so, and I've got the proof.  It isn't hearsay or innuendo.  I've got transcripts and affidavits from witnesses saying they were coerced and pressured into testifying against the Congressman to keep themselves or family members from going to jail by their own wrong-doing.  You can read all about it on my Congressman Jim Traficant - Can & Will  site here. Hope you stop by for an eye-popping experience.  I hope you also have something to say - and say it!
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